The future association is organizing a dialogue  initiative to promote a culture of non-violence

Non-Violence as a life approach
13 October، 2020
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20 October، 2020

The future association is organizing a dialogue  initiative to promote a culture of non-violence

The future association, organized a dialogue initiative (enhancing a culture of non-violence) in partnership with  Pal-Think and FXB France. This initiative was designed to promote a culture of dialogue and non-violence.  It was implemented in Qalqilya governorate and included a workshop aimed at 30 girls from Qalqilya governorate and its villages.

Enhancing a culture of non-violence initiative was opened by Mr Ahmad Alsedaa, who is a specialized trainer in topics related to dialogue and peace. The workshop stressed the concept, nature, forms, causes of violence, negative and influential effects on the individual, community relations, and family and society. The workshops also focused on the issues of promoting dialogue and community peace, plus keeping away from differences and causes, as they discussed the culture of non-violence and its importance in society.

In addition, the workshop included a range of field activities in the town of Azzun which targeted children by distributing a set of messages to children and people about promoting a culture of non-violence.

Moreover, Mohammed Salim, director of the future association for Youth capacity Development, stressed this initiative comes in concert with the efforts of  Pal Think Foundation for Strategic Studies in promoting a Non-violence Culture. He added, the initiative included launching a children’s competition in Qalqilya governorate to promote and disseminate a culture of non-violence.

He also noted, the initiative included launching an electronic campaign through the association’s website and sites in Qalqilya governorate, the promotion of concepts of peace and a culture of non-violence within Community.  It is worth to mention that both the campaign and initiative have been interacted by the target groups in Qalqilya governorate and its villages.

Furthermore, Ms Nihaya Nazal, a participant in the workshop, confirmed that during her participation in this workshop, she learned and acquired various skills to disseminate non-violence culture and civil peace concepts. She also stressed the importance of these workshops for girls in Qalqilia governorate.

As well as, the association seeks to contribute to the dissemination of a culture of non-violence in Palestinian society, especially in light of the current challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing crises.







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