Palcom Media Concluded the Non-Violence Initiative by Pal-Think and FXB France partnership

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13 November، 2020
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Palcom Media Concluded the Non-Violence Initiative by Pal-Think and FXB France partnership

Palcom Media, in Ramallah, concluded an initiative on non-violence concepts and promoting a culture of civil peace in Palestinian society. This initiative was entitled Together to Reduce Violence and Promote Civil Peace, which is part of “The Palestinian Consortium for Non-violence: towards a regional movement on Non-violence” project.

The initiative which carried out in cooperation with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and FXB France managed to produce televised episodes. These episodes broadcast via Palcom’s YouTube channel. Also, it was promoted by social media.

In addition, the episodes aimed to advance non-violence against women and people who were infected by Corona virus. As well as, it managed to produce videos about bullying and reducing verbal violence against children.

Moreover, Pal-Think’s CEO, Mr. Omar Shaban, said that promoting the culture of non-violence project aims to strengthen the role of institutions in maintaining a non-violent society. Plus, it aims to contribute in dissemination of non-violent peaceful tools.  Along with fostering the concept of dialog and peaceful resolution in order to confront all kinds of conflicts.

Furthermore, Palcom’s CEO, Mr. Murad Al-Sabah, stressed that the initiative has been highly popular with citizens during its implementation, and he thanked Pal-Think and FXB France for their continued support for such projects and their interest in promoting a culture of non-violence. 

Mr. Al-Sabah noted that Palcom will continue to promote non-violence in Palestinian society by implementing such initiatives and activities that directly reach Palestinian citizens at home, at school, at the street, and at work which consequently will help in pursuing the Palestinian civil peace.

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