Eda’at Initiative: Concluding Day

“Let’s Draw … Our Life in the Corona Time” Initiative
15 July، 2020
Shaghaf cultural  Initiative concluded the “Culture and Art for Tolerance and Non-violence”
19 July، 2020

Eda’at Initiative: Concluding Day

Basma Society for Culture and Arts, in partnership with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and FXB-France, concluded virtual (Edaa’at) initiative that aims to raise awareness of the need to reduce gender-based violence in the Palestinian society; particularly, the entire world is currently facing a hard time due to COVID-19.

Under the hash-tag (#Participation_Life), a group of Palestinian human rights activists, media figures and social media activists participated in the campaign, focusing on highlighting positive digital content that encourages Palestinian citizens to contribute in curbing the spread of gender-based violence.

Sultan Nasser Juha, Social Media and Digital Advocacy Consultant, said: “The campaign is implemented at a sensitive time as most Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank are quarantined because of the novel corona virus. They spend most of their time using social media which is probably a reason contributing in spreading violence because of the psychological pressure; now, it is time we work on stopping violence against women by creating a positive digital impact on people”. 

The consultant indicated that the campaign succeeded in reaching the targeted groups. The campaign chiefly counted on publishing a positive digital content in regards to the significance of company between husbands, wives and their children at home.

Rania Al-Shuraihi, coordinator of initiative at Basma Society, reiterated the importance of intensifying the efforts of the women’s and non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations to combat gender-based violence against the Palestinian women.

She pointed out that the initiative comes as to conceptualize the idea of combating violence practiced against the Palestinian women which appeared to rise amid COVID-19 time.

The initiative supports several international resolutions one of which is CEDAW calling for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and other of which are UN resolutions – 1235 article in particular.

As a matter of fact, the initiative comes within the frame of continued partnership between Basma Society for Culture and Arts and Pal-Think for Strategic Studies under the activities of “The Palestinian Consortium” that seeks to both spread the culture of non-violence and to form a civic and organizational coalition across Palestine.   


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