Digital Campaign to Curb the Spread of Gender-based Violence

The Culture and Art to Promote Tolerance and Non-violence Initiative 
22 June، 2020
Benaa Youth Concludes “Non-violence Is a Life Approach” Initiative
25 June، 2020

Digital Campaign to Curb the Spread of Gender-based Violence

Gaza City Under the Slogan “Participation Is Life”

“IDAAT” digital campaign was launched by Basma Society for Culture and Arts, in partnership with with Pal- Think for Strategic Studies and FXB France. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the ways to reduce gender-based violence in Palestinian society, especially recently, due to the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, many  Palestinian feminist and media activists participated in this campaign. Besides, social media activists. Moreover, this campaign focuses on the transmission of positive digital content that encourages Palestinian citizens to put a real end to gender discrimination.

Furthermore, the campaign coordinator in Basma society for culture and arts, Ms. Rania Al-Sharihi, stressed the importance of intensifying efforts of women’s and civil society organizations to combat gender-based violence against Palestinian women.

As well, Al-Sharihi said that the IDAAT campaign represents a part of those efforts that would reduce the spread of violence against women, especially in these times that women live under the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is worth mentioning that this campaign follows the international resolutions and conventions, especially the “Sidao” Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, the Universal Declaration against violence towards women, and United Nations resolutions, in particular 1325 resolution.  Taking into account UN reports that have consistently warned of the rising rates of domestic violence during the home quarantine period imposed by the COVID-19.


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