#ASK_SHARE initiative

“Peaceful Despite Pressure” Initiative
16 October، 2019
“With National Unity and Civic Peace” Initiative
20 October، 2019

#ASK_SHARE initiative

In partnership with PalThink For Strategic Studies and FXB France, The Palestinian Institute for Communication and Development have implemented a dialogue session entitled “Legal Perspective of the Right of Information Acquisition” within of Palestinian Consortium for Non-Violence “. This session has been a part of #ASK_SHARE initiative.

Indeed, this session has aimed at reinforcing the terms of non-violence and civil peace in the Palestinian society. In fact, this kind of sessions plays a chief role in spreading the voices of the Palestinian journalists, influences and the civil society to the officials. This contributes in widening non-violence and civil peace via social media platforms.

Following the session led by Rawan Ghayada, a Palestinian activist, the participants have learnt about the superb partnership between PalThink and PICD highlighting how much the latter seeks to raise awareness in regard to the terms of democracy and human rights.

“Understanding the legal perspective of information acquisition is one of the most crucial components for the civil and political rights as it enriches the cultural and economic rights in addition to that it is a key criterion for the evaluation of the ministries’ and institutions’ performances” Sameer Al Mana’ama, lawyer in El Mezan Center for Human Rights, has stated.

He has added that 1/59 UN General Assembly Resolution clearly declares that acquiring information is of legal right. However, he has asserted that the project’s draft of the right of the acquisition of information proposed in 2005 has not yet ensured guarantees of protection.

Furthermore, he has highlighted the deterioration of the Palestinian situation, the absence of the legislature authority and the domination of the executive authority over the judicial authority in addition to the necessity of empowering the civilians seeking a pivotal turning.

By a way of conclusion, it has been said that the disclosure of information is connected to the administrative officials’ tempers and there is no law compelling the employees to give information. Thus, journalists will not freely practice their job.  

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