“With National Unity and Civic Peace” Initiative

#ASK_SHARE initiative
16 October، 2019
“Reducing Violence within Palestinian Society” Conference
22 October، 2019

“With National Unity and Civic Peace” Initiative

In cooperation with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and FXB France, Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development organized a hiking activity entitled “With National Unity and Civic Peace”. The activity began from Irtah – Tulkarem, an area that jeopardizes environment as a result of the chimneys and the waste of factories there, to Bal’a town. The activity shed spotlight on the significance of exerting efforts to protect the Palestinian areas and heritage from occupation. It additionally encouraged the youths towards participation in the civic peace and national unity. 

The activity targeted males and females whom they connected the concepts of civic peace with the Palestinian reconciliation procession. In addition, this activity raised the participant’s awareness of the violations that historical places in Palestine witness and the prominence of taking the youths demands internationally. Following the activity, the participants learnt that bringing the Palestinian Parties and the Palestinian youths all together could be of assistance to work on structuring the Palestinian voice.

By a way of conclusion, the participants expressed their renouncement and deplore of violence practices and forms as they simultaneously called on redoing this kind of activities because they are helpful in conveying the youths’ messages to the leaders and politicians. The participating youths stressed on their consistency to participate in activities that enhance peace and non-violence in the Palestinian society.

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