Pal-Think and FXB Conclude a 5-day Training Program for 30 CBOs in Gaza

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13 June، 2019
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19 June، 2019

Pal-Think and FXB Conclude a 5-day Training Program for 30 CBOs in Gaza

17 June, 2019

Pal-Think and FXB have concluded a five-day training program in Gaza City for 30 representatives of the Civil Society Organizations who are participating with community initiatives to promote non-violence and Civil Peace in Palestine. The training program lasted from 11-17 of June, this comes as part of the project for Pal-Think and FXB with 39 CBOs in Gaza and the West Bank “The Palestinian Consortium for Non-Violence.”

CBOs are now ready for implementing their outdoor community initiatives. Activities will take place in late June and continue until mid-August. All actions aim at promoting Non-Violence in Palestine using innovative approaches to reach out a multitude of audience including (but not limited to) youths, children, and women.

The training programme introduced important concepts and skills, these are valuable in the process of executing outdoor community initiatives which start in late June. Participants gained new knowledge & experience and also enabled the participating institutions to exchange ideas and network together.

Training Modules were:

Day1: An Introduction to Non-Violence, by Mr. Mahmoud Abdel Hadi.

Day2: An Introduction to Conflict Management, by Mr. Mahmoud Abdel Hadi.

Day3: An Introduction to Civil Society and Community Service, by Zakaria El Sallout

Day4: Principles of Lobbying and Advocacy (Theory), by Nasser Sultan

Day5: Online Lobbying and Advocacy by Nasser Sultan.

Last but not least, the project was announced in April, 2019 where more than 80 civil society organizations applied. Pal-Think selected the best 39 CBOs’ initiatives that fit to the project’s objectives.


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