Pal-Think and FXB Launch a 5-day Training Program

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29 May، 2019
Pal-Think and FXB Conclude a 5-day Training Program for 30 CBOs in Gaza
17 June، 2019

Pal-Think and FXB Launch a 5-day Training Program

Gaza City, June 11, 2019

Pal-Think and FXB commence a five-day training programme for 30 representatives of the Civil Society Organizations who are participating with community initiatives to promote non-violence and Civil Peace in Palestine. The training program will last from 11-17 of June, this comes as part of the project for Pal-Think and FXB with 39 CBOs in Gaza and the West Bank “The Palestinian Consortium for Non-Violence.”

The programme was opened in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Abu Holy; Head of Refugee Affairs and Mr. Omar Shaban; Director of Pal-Think.

Mr. Shaban noted that despite all challenges imposed on Gaza, Pal-Think for Strategic Studies as an independent organization continues to develop the Palestinian society using innovative and unique approaches, in this context by involving youth, women, and children to promote a culture of peace and non-violence in the society.

Mr. Shaban also refereed to the role of civil society organizations and its invaluable contributions to the Palestinian society and stressed the need to exert more efforts and foster collaboration among CSOs to strengthen social coherence in Palestine. Besides, Mr. Shaban pointed out that the culture of non-violence is one of the most successful approaches to bring about global support for the Palestinian cause.

Dr. Ahmed Abu Holy refereed to the importance of working on Non-Violence to promote peace and social reconciliation in the society and stressed that Palestinians are in dire need to such initiatives.

In addition, Dr.Abu Holy called upon civil society institutions to have a more active and effective role in disseminating the culture of non-violence and civil peace. Most importantly, the necessity of networking and collaboration with governmental institutions to unify the efforts and build a collective vision towards mitigating violence in all of its forms in the Palestinian society.

Training Modules are:

Day1: An Introduction to Non-Violence.

Day2: An Introduction to Conflict Management.

Day3: An Introduction to Civil Society and Community Service.

Day4: Principles of Lobbying and Advocacy (Theory)

Day5: Best Practices of Lobbying and Advocacy (Field and Social Media Campaigns)


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