PalThink conducts a radio episode about ”Media discourse and the promotion of a culture of nonviolence in Palestine”

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22 April، 2018
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7 May، 2018

PalThink conducts a radio episode about ”Media discourse and the promotion of a culture of nonviolence in Palestine”

Palthink for strategic studies has held a radio episode about the media discourse and its role in the promotion of nonviolence in the Palestinian society. The episode was a part of the “benefits on nonviolence culture” project, in partnership with FXB international. The project comes within the framework and vision to a nonviolent life and development approach, and it’s role in the promotion and protection of the civil society. The episode was live streamed on Radio Alwan on April 30th.

The episode hosted Fatma Ashour, a lawyer and civil society activist, who pointed out the absence of a clear unified media strategy in the Palestinian media discourse, due to an absence of a political clear vision. The media discourse has not reached the point of awareness of the changes the Palestinian society faces, neither the point to create a state of harmony between the Palestinian bodies and unions. Clearly, there are different Palestinian media discourses.

She also added that the media discourse was a subject to a violent shock, because of the Palestinian division and the dominance of the culture of division on the Palestinian scene. This will require performing a comprehensive recondition to the discourse so that it can restore the ability to promote tolerance and nonviolence culture in the Palestinian society.

Raghda Bahlol, one of the participation and coordinators of the initiative of “Promoting nonviolence culture among media professionals, journalists, and influencers”, has emphasized on the absence of the important role the Journalist union and inability to influence  the media community, led to the notable regression on the concepts of nonviolence in the Palestinian media discourse. In addition to the lack of ethical profession commitment to addressing social causes.

By the end of the episode, the speakers stressed on the importance of positioning of the media discourse in a dignified and systematic method, where it can be responsive to the various changes of the Palestinian society. Thus, to promote the nonviolence and peaceful civil culture and concepts among different segments of society. As this positioning is the first defense against the actions of fragmentation and dispersal of the Palestinian society.

The speakers concluded by a call to action to the civil society organization to contribute in the refinement of media professionals, with the values of nonviolence and peace, through conducting capacity building and awareness sessions hosting different segments and fields, In order to enable them in outreaching such a culture in the society.

To listen to the episode, click here

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