“We solve it peacefully” initiative

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18 November، 2019
“Enough” Initiative
18 November، 2019

“We solve it peacefully” initiative

In partnership with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies ad FXB France, Creative Woman Forum has concluded its “We solve it peacefully” initiative, which targeted 20 students at Al-Ma’mounya Preparatory School, as a part of the ” The Palestinian Consortium for Nonviolence” project, that through a closing ceremony attended by each of: Ibrahim Abu Alnaja, Governor of Gaza, Dunya-alAmal Ismail, Head of Board of Directors of the Creative Woman Forum, a representative of the UNRWA’s West Gaza Educational Office, as well as the students’ parents and the school’s administration.

Abu Alnaja spoke about the importance of education in building the capacities of Palestinians, especially at early ages. He added that Palestinians contributed to the renaissance of the Arab Gulf through their knowledge and creative abilities, which made them prominent in scientific advancement. He also urged the students to make use of the initiative’s topics, which covered the values of tolerance, positive dialogue, nonviolent conflict resolution, and the abolition of violence as a culture which can demolish and weaken the society. Then he expressed his endorsement of the activities of the organization in building a generation that is capable of inducing change through learning and education.

On her part, Ismail thanked the school’s administration for its cooperation throughout the initiative, and providing all support needed for the success of activities. She announced that students were able to compose a charter that reinforces tolerance and conversation within the educational environment stressing on the importance of spreading this effective experience among other schools to alleviate cases of violence and mental rigidness.

Finally, she expressed her appreciation to Pal-Think’s efforts to promote the culture of nonviolence and rhetoric of tolerance through its multitude of projects aiming to influence societal change. She also hoped that such practices would effectively dampen violence within the Palestinian society, especially in the Gaza Strip.

The initiative has incubated a number of activities such as: awareness sessions to reinforce the culture of nonviolence, tolerance, and conflict resolution, theatrical performances, and an educational trip.

The charter produced by the student was headed by a statement that tolerance is the one human value that helps to purify souls and foster feels of comfort, security and peace. The charter’s 13 articles showed the girls’ commitment to love and respect everyone, using kind words to peacefully resolve conflicts, respecting freedoms and privacies of others, adherence to justice and understanding, responding to others with kindness and expressing one’s opinion objectively, as well as respecting different religions and cultures.

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