“ We Complete Each Other” Initiative

“Inspiring” Initiative
22 October، 2019
Pal-Think concludes the “Nonviolence Consortium” project
6 November، 2019

“ We Complete Each Other” Initiative

In partnership with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and FXB France and within the project “ The Palestinian Consortium for Nonviolence” , Capacity-Building Program in Fares Association for Development and Charity concluded an initiative entitled “We Complete Each Other”, the initiative aimed at strengthening the social ties and enhancing the culture of non-violence and showing tolerance to others. 

This initiative particularly started with a neighboring activity at Al-Aqsa University in Khan Younes City as it aimed at letting 36 female and male participants meet and mingle during the activity. As a matter of fact, the participants discussed the chief reasons for violence in the Palestinian society as both academics and students opined over this issue as it formulated a concern for all.

Furthermore, the participants were involved in ice-breaking activities as they got to know each other better. Then, they were divided into group, discussing the causes of violence in our society and what role organizations and individuals should play to abate the rates of violence. Each group discussed a quotation by Mahatma Ghandi on the philosophy of non-violence and the significance of making a change on the ground. Thereafter, the participants had an activity through which they understood the concept of tolerating and accepting others’ opinions without intentions towards violence and conflict and that differences are individual as each person is different from the other.

Again, the participants were divided into group through which they had a full neighboring day with people they first met and knew. Taxi Initiative was an output of this activity as it addressed the enrichment of both concepts dialogue and social accountability. Actually, this initiative hosted Mr. Tawfeq Dwek, Representative of Islamic Relief, who discussed the recruitment projects and how they contribute in confronting both poverty and unemployment and which thus both encourage violence. Additionally, he discussed the role of youth and organizations in spreading the word of non-violence and protecting our society from grudge and hatred.

At the end of the initiative, the participants were distributed in focus groups to evaluate the event. In fact, they utterly expressed their satisfaction with the activities of the initiative and hope for more of this activity to come. This initiative cared about both honing the capabilities of Palestinian youths and raising their awareness of the issue of violence and what tools everyone has to use to contribute in casting out violence from the Palestinian society.  


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