On You Are Peace Initiative by ALFerdaus Association for Woman and Child

A Puppet and Story” initiative”
29 September، 2019
” Together Towards Non-Violence At Schools Initiative”
10 October، 2019

On You Are Peace Initiative by ALFerdaus Association for Woman and Child

In partnership with PalThink for Strategic Studies and FXB France, ALFerdaus Association for Woman and Child launched “You Are Peace” initiative that screened two short films addressing non-violence and civil peace.

On this initiative, Mrs. Salwa Saleh, Director of AlFerdaus Association, said “You Are Peace Initiative aims at cultivating the idea of practicing and considering all cultures and values of peace amid the circumstances of both insecurity and instability that the Gaza Strip has been living. Additionally, this initiative empowers women and affirms their rights to live in a non-violent, stable, safe and secured environment”. 

“Women’s role in spreading social peace from family to all society is embodied in this initiative” Saleh added.

“All legal and social associations have to exert effort in supporting humanitarian terms” Salem called.

The two short films produced during the initiative were named “Camelia” and “Al Benet Zay Al Walad – Girl is Equal to Boy “. By these films, the initiative had attracted audience and shed light on “Non-violence and Civil Peace” terms. In addition, it seeks an establishment of humanitarian terms taking them to practical and tangible stages where women gain respect and rights in our society” Muhammad Jouda, producer of films, added. 

During the initiative, Civil Peace held the meaning of rejecting all forms of fights and incitements and it supported spreading love and security amongst the society segments. Indeed, this makes Civil Peace not only crucial to face the erosion of civil peace but also a deterrent against spreading violence both publically and particularly against women.



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