Pal-Think and FXB France Conclude the Initiative “Dialogue Without Violence” Implemented by Ealamyat Al-Ganwb

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9 September، 2019
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9 September، 2019

Pal-Think and FXB France Conclude the Initiative “Dialogue Without Violence” Implemented by Ealamyat Al-Ganwb

August, 2019

Within the project “The Palestinian Consortium for Non-violence” implemented by Pal Think for strategic studies and FXB France, Ealamyat Al-Ganwb, an association for journalists in the Southern part of the Gaza Strip, implemented a media camp entitled ” Dialogue without violence” as part of the initiative of dialogue and community tolerance among media students in Gaza, this is also in partnership with civil society institutions in the northern and southern Palestinian governorates, aimed at promoting the culture of nonviolence and civil peace.

The camp focused its activities on training and practical applications about the concept of civil peace and the renounce of violence, verbal violence in media,  as a comprehensive concept in the community and the promotion of positive concepts such as respecting  the views of others, accepting  the other, enhancing the language of dialogue, rejecting all forms of intolerance and guiding the compass toward the convergence of views.

The goal is to build students’ abilities in developing, promoting and establishing the community peace concepts and renounce of violence through the identification of the conflict circle in order to analyze and turn it into positive points making difference to the societal reality, also it works on creating communication ways that aimed at overcoming the obstacles related to media which have been emerged recently to stop the intensity of conflict among party media.   

Angham Shaat ,a participant in camp, praised the idea of ​​the camp in the absence of an effective and constructive dialogue and accepting the views of others in the presence of party dependency due to political differences, indicating that the idea of the camp was successful  with participation of the media students, that they are the makers of change in the future and the owners of an important cause, and she  stressed the importance of topics the camp provided to the media students to take it into consideration and  to transfer its content in order to serve the unity of Palestinian row and the cause in all its forms.

Mohammed Ibrahim, a participant in camp, praised the idea of the media camp for its contribution in filling the media concepts gap in light of the Palestinian division, which has been exacerbated in the absence of the idea of accepting the other. He stressed that these activities and events constitute a strong shock to stimulate the will to uproot these terms to be replaced by language of public speaking and dialogue urging the consolidation of societal tolerance and non-violence among students.

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