Call For Papers: Non-Violence and Civil Peace, 2019

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Call For Papers: Non-Violence and Civil Peace, 2019


May 16, 2019

Pal-Think and FXB international are pleased to announce this call for papers within the project “The Palestinian Consortium for Non-Violence”: Towards A Regional Movement on Non-Violence.

We aim at producing three working policy papers that are focusing on non-violence and civil peace. Participating researchers shall document lessons learned and best practices from the experience of other countries that went through violence and conflict — for instance, South Africa, Croatia, Columbia, and Northern Ireland.

In this context, we invite researchers with expertise in the field of non-violence to submit paper proposals; these should not exceed 200 words and to be submitted by 30 May.


To be eligible:

  • The paper must address the topic of non-violence and civil peace, reflect on the experiences of other countries, and provide a practical role model for Palestine.
  • To be written in English
  • To be (Maximum: 3,500 words –7 pages single spaced)


Furthermore, a first draft must be submitted within two months from the date a contract is signed. Then a Skype call will be organized to present and discuss the paper for an audience of intellectuals in Gaza for input and feedback purposes, and finally, submit the full paper. We will also provide a small honorarium of $800 for your written contribution.


If you are interested and committed to being on board within this endeavor, please let us know by 30 May, 2019.



Omar Shaban, Pal-Think’s director—



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