“My Dignity” initiative

Promoting the Culture of Nonviolence among Palestinian Youth Training Course
5 September، 2018
“Promoting the Culture of Nonviolence in Gaza Strip” Initiative
15 September، 2018

“My Dignity” initiative

In the presence of 100 women from Shaboura area in Rafah, Yabous Charity Association concluded “my dignity” initiative within ” The Benefits of Non-Violence as a Culture and Instrument for Conflict Resolution Domestically & Regionally” project in cooperation with Pal-Think for strategic studies and FXB organization. 

The first phase was the implementation of six awareness workshops on the development of women’s knowledge and capacities in the following topics: “Human Rights and the International Laws of Social, Economic, Political and Civil Rights, Women’s Life Skills Development, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills, Women’s Right of Expression and Peaceful Assembly”, in order to promote the concepts of tolerance and non-violence in society.

 “My dignity initiative aims to contribute to provide marginalized women with basic skills that help them defend their rights, as well as to improve the effective participation of women in advocacy campaigns to claim their rights in the Gaza Strip,” said Ms. Rana Jouda, the initiative’s coordinator.

She pointed out that through the activities of the “My dignity” initiative, the association has endeavored to raise the skills of women in all aspects of life through community awareness workshops and psychosocial support sessions, to express their opinions peacefully and to convey a number of messages to the community to aware them to the right of women to express their opinions and motivate to support them,  and to focus the attention of officials to the extent to which women need to exercise their right in all fields.

She said: “After the completion of the initiative, many women’s organizations in Rafah will be visited, social help and support will be provided, and will make recommendations during the conference to guide officials to preserve the right of marginalized women to express their opinions in the current difficult situation”. The participants agreed on the importance of the initiative and the professionalism of the lecturers and the use of the methods and means of demonstration that brought together the theoretical and practical parts, which contributed to the development of their personal and practical abilities and new concepts in human rights.

“The initiative has added new information, especially on life skills issues to deal with other parties, increased legal awareness and helped develop women’s capacity to deal with the issues they are facing,” said Ms. Neda  Sarhan, initiative’s participant.

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