The Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Policy launches the Palestinian Youth Constitution

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29 July، 2018
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8 August، 2018

The Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Policy launches the Palestinian Youth Constitution

Hebron – The Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Policy (PCDC) conducted a workshop entitled “The Constitution of the Palestinian Youth” implemented in partnership with Pal Think funded by FXB in the Childhood Hall of the Municipality of Hebron.

The workshop focused on active discussion on the articles of the Youth Constitution, which focuses on citizenship, human rights, non-violence and community reconciliation. The participants adopted the following articles as a youth constitution:

  • Palestinian youth throughout the homeland and diaspora believes in their right to live in peace and security in an independent and stable state with Jerusalem as its capital, based on the UN resolutions on the Middle East conflict.                                                                   
  • Palestinian youth believes in their right of freedom of movement from inside their homeland and vice versa, and their right of freedom to access places of worship in Jerusalem, which they consider an integral part of the Palestinian state according to International humanitarian law.
  • Palestinian youth aspires to a promising future to reach Palestinian political unity between the parties of the homeland and considering  state of political and geographical division is an aberration   in struggle history.
  • Palestinian youth believes in the importance of dialogue between the political, social and youth components within and outside the homeland to reach a national unity in the form of the future political situation.
  • Palestinian youth aspires to social tolerance at this critical stage in nation history   which seen as a way to reach national unity, which they consider the supreme interests of the people.
  • Palestinian youth see themselves as the main engine of the Palestinian cause and all the parties concerned with this nation future must provide economic and social opportunities and reducing poverty and unemployment prevalent in Palestinian society, which may plunge them into extremism.
  • Palestinian youth considers that spreading the culture of nonviolence within Palestinian society and between its political, community and tribal strata is a priority to preserve the unity of society elements and civil peace.
  • The Palestinian youth is an essential supporter of Palestinian state components and looks forward to communal and social justice in enhancing its participation in decision-making and policy-making under this delicate and critical stage people are going through.
  • Palestinian youth rejects any foreign deal to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict excluded by its political and societal historical leaders.
  • Palestinian youth support the continued presence of the UN Relief and Works Agency  that witnessed the nation Nakba.

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