Workshop entitled “Together towards the best”

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19 March، 2018
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22 March، 2018

Workshop entitled “Together towards the best”

Under the umbrella of Pal-Think, two graduates of “The Benefits of Non-Violence as a Culture and Instrument for Conflict Resolution” project successfully held a workshop entitled “Together towards the best”, in partnership with Ghassan Kanafani Kindergarten, the northern area of the Gaza Strip. Collectively, these initiatives are dedicated to spreading the culture of confronting violence in peaceful and civilized ways.

The two trainers started by introducing the project, its targeted goals and the youth’s role in promoting nonviolence culture within Palestinian society. Mutually, they continued to speak about the definition of behavior, its modification and principles of children behavior. They further explained how to positively strengthen the desired behavior among children. Afterthought, attendees, especially mothers, implored their daily stories and way of behaving with their children and how they correct some undesirable, negative behaviors.

Finally, this workshop was closed by pieces of advice and recommendations. I addition, participants asked for such educational and raising-awareness sessions to let them recognize true concepts.

Interestingly, this one-year- project also targets civil society organizations which in turns implement initiatives to strengthen and spread nonviolence culture and community peace

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