Inspiring Initiative

“Digital Media and Non-violence Culture”
6 July، 2020
In partnership with Pal-Think, A Sports Event for Women with Disabilities
13 July، 2020

Inspiring Initiative

 Gaza Culture and  Development Group, in partnership with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and FXB-France, implemented a preparatory meeting within the initiative titled “Inspiring”, as part of the “The Palestinian Consortium for Non-violence: towards a regional movement on Non-violence” project that seeks to spread the philosophy and culture of nonviolence as a lifestyle.

At the inception of the initiative, Ahmed Jawad, coordinator of the initiative, welcomed the participants and thanked them for being part of this initiative. He said, “With this training, we target the marginalized women who live in the eastern regions, especially those who have previously experienced violence and to support them psychologically.”

In turn, the trainer Dalal Ashour said that one of the most important features of this training was that the skills that she gave for would be afterwards given to other marginalized women so as to activate the role of peer-to-peer training. The trainees will support 40 mentally marginalized women who live in the border areas in the coming days.

“Most of the participants were subjected to violence, yet their interaction during the training is wonderful, and I intend to deliver information to them through inference, not indoctrination,” she added.

In this context, the trainee Hana Abu Shamala (38 years), a mother of 6 children, said: “I participated in training to develop my social skills and develop my skills in communication and I feel proud that I will train 20 marginalized women after I complete this training. I consider teaching other women as an achievement in my life. I will also teach what I have learned for my children to cultivate good values in them and to further hone their personal skills.”

The trainee, Amal Shanioura, 32 and divorced, said,” I enjoyed building up to my information during this training. I did not feel board. I am very happy because I will be a motive for change and betterment in the lives of others.”

The initiative is part of PalThink ongoing efforts since 2007 to empower marginalized groups and to promote and spread the philosophy of nonviolence as a lifestyle in marginalized locations.

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