Pal-Think and FXB conclude an information session in Gaza

Pal-Think and FXB Commence the Project “The Palestinian Consortium for Non-Violence: Towards A Regional Movement on Non-Violence”
8 May، 2019
First Radio Episode of the PCN Podcast: “Non-Violence and Societal Conflicts”
8 May، 2019

Pal-Think and FXB conclude an information session in Gaza

May, 2019


Within the project “The Palestinian Consortium for Non-Violence: Towards A Regional Movement on Non-Violence”, which aims to promote the principles, values, and practices of non-violence and foster peace and tolerance within the Palestinian society, to pave the path for Setting up “The Palestinian Consortium for Non-violence that will represent a Middle East Movement on Non-violence, and which will include all the participating CSOs, youths, and the public. Besides, the consortium will have continuous activities tackling civil peace and non-violence and will guide other relevant efforts in Palestine and the region.


The information session was held with the selected 30 civil society organizations from the five different governorates in Gaza.


The meeting was led and moderated by Pal-Think’s team including Mr. Omar Shaban, Project Manager, Sally Alssamak, the Project Coordinator, and Mohammed Alhato, Communication Officer.


Participating CBOs representatives were introduced to the project and the implementing organizations, also discussed the following points:

  • The importance of civil peace and non-violence for the Palestinian society.
  • Outdoor activities and their role in enhancing community engagement.
  • Using the various sorts of media such as theater, storytelling, and video making in conveying positive messages to a broad audience.
  • The necessity of youths’ involvement in community initiatives and events.
  • Local civil society organizations and future collaboration with other NGOs in the region.
  • Achieving best value for money and its importance for reaching strategic objectives of the project.
  • CSOs and adopting creative and innovative approaches in community work.
  • Mechanisms and approaches in planning and executing community initiatives (budgeting and action plans.)
  • Referring to the Forum of Non-Violence, launched by FXB and Pal-Think on the previous project.
  • Social media and its role in online campaigning and promoting CSOs achievements.
  • Collaboration and cooperation between local civil society organizations.


Pal-Think is looking forward to have another information session for partner CSOs in the West Bank and Jerusalem.


The meeting was adjourned at 14:00




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