Initiatives and activities

6 July، 2020

Students Initiative Titled (Non-Violence as Our Lifestyle)

JERUSALEM – Al-Razee Cultural and Social Association in Jerusalem started a students initiative entitled “Nonviolence as Our Lifestyle ” in partner with PalThink for Strategic Studies […]
2 July، 2020

“Yalla Nahki” Initiative

Al Mustaqbal Association for Violence Victims Care implemented the Yalla Nahki Initiative equivalent to “Let’s Talk” in English in partnership with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and […]
25 June، 2020

Benaa Youth Concludes “Non-violence Is a Life Approach” Initiative

Benaa youth centre concludes the “Non-violence is a Life Approach” initiative, which lasted one week. It included many activities; in the first three days, activities were […]
25 June، 2020

Digital Campaign to Curb the Spread of Gender-based Violence

Gaza City Under the Slogan “Participation Is Life” “IDAAT” digital campaign was launched by Basma Society for Culture and Arts, in partnership with with Pal- Think […]
22 June، 2020

The Culture and Art to Promote Tolerance and Non-violence Initiative 

The Shagaf cultural initiative implemented ‘The Culture and Art to Promote Tolerance and Non-violence Initiative’, which was launched in partnership with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and […]
17 June، 2020

Non-Violence As A Lifestyle Initiative

On Thursday 11th June, 2020, Benaa Youth Center inaugurated “Non-Violence is a Lifestyle” initiative within the project titled “Enhancement of the Culture of Non-Violence” implemented by […]
17 June، 2020

Alternatives to Violence Initiative

The Nafs Empowerment Association, in cooperation with the Women’s Center in Al-Amari Camp, conducted a training workshop on alternatives to violence for women in emergency cases […]
17 June، 2020

Non-violence and High Divorce Rate

In the first episode of June of the program “Nonviolence A Life Approach” implemented by Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and FXB France within the project “Promoting […]


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