Initiatives and activities

13 September، 2020

The Conclusion of Molhema ( Inspiring)  Initiative for Orphan Children and  Women

Gaza Culture and Development Group ( GCDG), in partnership with Pal-Think  for Strategic Studies and the FXB France, concluded a month-long initiative, Molhema,  that targeted about […]
13 September، 2020

Concluding Marionette Puppets In Every House Initiative For Children

The  Hakawi society for culture and arts, in partnership with  Pal Think for Strategic Studies and FXB France, concluded the “Marionette Puppets  In Every House” initiative, […]
23 August، 2020

“National  and International Experiences” in A Culture of Non-Violence

Pal-Think for Strategic Studies has concluded a series of “Non-violence is a life approach” radio programs that it implemented within the “” The Palestinian Consortium for […]
23 August، 2020

“Together for a non-violent environment” initiative

Deir El-Balah Society for Community Development and Children has concluded “together for a non-violent environment” initiative, within the project “The Palestinian Consortium for Non-violence: towards a […]
10 August، 2020

Creative Initiatives for Non-Violence

In the 14th episode of the non-violence as a life approach, implemented by Pal-Think  for Strategic Studies and FXB France, within the “The Palestinian Consortium for […]
4 August، 2020

Al-Qarara Society for Social Development Concludes Initiative

Al-Qarara Society for Social Development concluded the “Let’s Equip Ourselves with Awareness” initiative which was implemented within “The Palestinian Consortium for Non-violence: towards a regional movement […]
28 July، 2020

initiative: “Emergent Response to Reduce Violence against Elderly in Refugee Camps According to International Humanitarian Law”

Hebron – The Hebron Community Center for Elderly and Youth Education in partnership with the Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Strategies organized a consultation workshop […]
28 July، 2020

“Alternatives to Violence” Initiative

In cooperation with Women Centre – Amari Refugee Camp, Nafs for Empowerment concluded a training course entitled “Alternatives to Violence”. This activity comes within the activities […]


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