19 April، 2020

Mental Health and Nonviolence in Corona Crisis

The Corona pandemic crisis (Covid-19) continues to spread and Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and FXB France continue to raise awareness and prevail hope amongst members of […]
18 April، 2020

Conflict Management during the Quarantine Period

Due to the special circumstances the world is going through during the confrontation with Virus Corona (Covid-19),  Pal-Think For Strategic Studies has decided to discuss the […]
17 April، 2020

The Role of Intellectuals in Promoting Nonviolence

Today, the Palestinian people most need to believe in the culture of nonviolence, especially as we live with the same thought, the same religion and the […]
15 April، 2020

“The Experiences of the Peoples of the World and the Palestinian People in the Culture of Nonviolence”

Power is the ability to manage intellectual, financial, and human resources. If this capacity is built on a proper form, this gives us power, meaning that […]
10 April، 2020

The Economic Situation and The Culture of Nonviolence

In the second episode of the Nonviolence; a Lifestyle In 2020 Program, Pal-Think for Strategic Studies discussed the economic situation and its impact on the culture […]
1 April، 2020

“Dealing with community conflicts and constructing peaceful societies.”

“Conflict resolution does not stop at international and regional levels but extends to the level of individuals within the one family, friend circles, and coworkers. The […]