4 July، 2018

Wehdat Team as a champion of “Sports Culture Free of Violence”

Naming Wehdat Football Team in Gaza as the champion of the “Sports Culture Free of Violence” league. The championship was initiative implemented by Deir el Balah […]
18 June، 2018

Ramadan Evenings for the People of Jerusalem

Jerusalem: The department of educational activities in Al Razi Association for culture and society has launched a series of  Ramadan evenings in partnership with PalThink for […]
7 May، 2018

PalThink is implementing “Nonviolence” initiatives with Schools

Under the title of “Smile Painting Against Violence” in Gaza City, PalThink for Strategic Studies has implemented an initiative in partnership with Hasan Salama primary school […]
7 May، 2018

How did the passing of Rim Bana impact Gazans

28 Magazine has launched an educating initiative under the name of “Butterfly effect”, in partnership with PalThink for Strategic Studies and Qattan Foundation Child Center in […]
7 May، 2018

Jerusalem between present and future; An Initiative part of Nonviolence project

The Palestinian Association for Culture, Arts, and popular Heritage has organized a seminar titled: (Jerusalem between present and future, visions, and horizons) in partnership with PalThink […]
7 May، 2018

30 Kites Flying in Gaza Sky carrying letters of Nonviolence

PalThink for Strategic Studies has implemented an initiative under the title of “Flying high with our letters of Nonviolence”, in partnership with Noor Almaref private school. […]