25 August، 2019

Pal-Think and FXB France Conclude the initiative “Enough Conflict” implemented by Wefaq

Wefaq Society for Women and Child Care, in partnership with Pal-Think for Strategic Studies and FXB France, has concluded the activities of “Enough Conflict” Initiative, within […]
21 August، 2019

10th Radio Episode: Verbal Violence Against Children

“Verbal violence against children”, a new window of discussion within “Nonviolence is a life style “radio program , as part of “The Palestinian Consortium for Nonviolence” […]
20 August، 2019

9th Radio Episode: The Violent Dimensions of Media and Daily Discourse

Between forgiveness, reply similarly or advising, the responses of the citizens surveyed about their exposure to cursing with bad words varied. Although most of the answers […]
20 August، 2019

8th Radio Episode: The Impact of Violent Video Games on Youth and Teenagers

“The Impact of Violent Video Games on Youth and Teenagers,” a new headline discussed in the eighth episode of “Nonviolence is a lifestyle” radio program, within” […]
7 August، 2019

7th Radio Episode: Extracurricular Activities and Promoting Non-Violence

“Violence has changed from an emergency case to a daily behavior and a permanent culture in society. This is most likely to affect young people in […]
16 July، 2019

6th Radio Episode: Women and Non-Violence

July, 16, 2019 Talking over violence against women in Palestine is often repeated. But to what extent can we bet on the role of “the weakest […]